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Buildings 1

"Buildings 1" -acrylic on canvass 2012 -18x24

St Francis

"St Francis" Acrylic on Canvass 16x24 2013

Miami Mandala 2015

"Miami Mandala" 2015 mixed medium on canvas

The Sorrows

"The Sorrows" -acrylic / ink/ watercolor on canvas 2007

Blue Christmas with Stab Wound  Salvatio

"Blue Christmas with Stab Wound Salvation" 2007 mixed medium canvas 29x24

Autumn Mandala 2016

"Autumn Mandala" 2016 16x20 mixed medium on canvas

Autumn Mandala 2016

"Autumn Mandala" 2016 16x20 mixed medium on canvass

Miami Mandela Ribbon

"Miami Mandela Ribbon" 2015 mixed medium on canvass 12x16

Miami Mandela 5

"Miami Mandela 5" 12x12 mixed media on canvas 2015

Angel Miami 2016

"Angel Miami" 2016 mixed medium on canvass 16x20 -

Miami Mandela 4

"Miami Mandela 4" mixed medium on canvas 16x20 -2015

Loud Rose Explosion

"Loud Rose Explosion" mixed medium on canvas-24x36 inches 2017

Pink Roses

Pink Roses mixed medium on canvas 2016 16x20

Aqua Rose

mixed media on canvas 2016 20x24 inches

Miami Spin

"Miami Spin" 2017 -watercolor on paper 9x12

IED with ribbon

"IED with ribbon" 2016 -watercolor on paper 9x12


IED -1 2016 watercolor and ink on paper 9x12

"Dessau 2" -2011

"Dessau 2" -2011 -watercolor on paper 14x20

"St. Rita"  10x14

"St Rita" 2000 -watercolor on paper 10x14

"Deco Spin 2" - 2013

"Deco Spin 2" - 2013 Watercolor on paper

"Miami Spin"

"Miami Spin" 2017 -watercolor on paper 9x12

watercolor on paper 9x12 plus pp

watercolor on paper 9x12

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