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"To Be Kind"


Song: "The Things We Do"

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds



Song: "The Weather The War"

Marc Almond - In  Bluegate Fields 


Song: "Yesterday When I  Was Young"

Jah Wobble & Kieth Levene - YIN & YANG 


Song: "Vampires"

Not Alone  

Durtro Jnana Compilationf ro Doctors Without Borders


V/A, "Music Inspired by the Film Scott Walker: 30 Century Man"
May, 2009
US CD Lakeshore



  • Such a Small Love

Annie (vocals)
Paul Wallfisch (piano)

Larsen, "La Fever Lit"
November 11, 2008
US CD Important Records IMPREC221


  • Lefrak City Limits

  • Flower

  • T-Song

V/A, "Brainwaves"
November 21, 2008
US CDx3 Brainwashed BRAIN013


  • Adriana

Annie (vocals)
Paul Wallfisch (piano)

V/A, "Peace (for mom)"
March 6, 2008
US CDx2 Brainwashed HAND005


  • Smile

Annie (vocals)
Paul Wallfisch (piano)

V/A, "Brainwaves"
November 17, 2006
US CDx3 Brainwashed BRAIN013


  • Baby I Can Make You A Man

Annie (vocals)

Blue Light Fever
April 15, 2002
UK CD/LP, S:alt 007


  • Toytown - [MP3]

  • Round & Round Town

  • Bottled Water

Blue Light Fever is the musical project of UK-based electronic musician Matt Preston.

COH, "Vox Tinnitus"
DE 2x7"/CD Raster-Noton Static 1 VYR 015


  • Forty Six Things I Did Today - [MP3]

COH (pronounced "son") is the musical project of Russian electronic musical artist Ivan Pavlov.
Also appearing on this release is Peter Christopherson of Coil.

US CD Sentrax / Invisible INV 7001


  • Thirteen Things I Did Today

  • A collection of tracks from John Everall's Sentrax label.

It also includes contributions by Panasonic's Mika Vainio, Drew McDowell's Screwtape, Mick Harris, and Coil's ELpH. This spoken word track was later expanded (with music added) for the Vox Tinnitus release.

Finitribe, "Sleazy Listening"
March 2, 1998
UK CD Infectious Records INFECT43


  • Waltzer

Finitribe is David Miller and Philip Pinsky on this album.

"Pay It All Back Vol. 5"
March 14, 1995
UK CD On-U Sound 0075


  • I Drop Your Name - [MP3]

Pay it All Back is an ongoing series of releases from the On-U Sound label, collecting various artists from the roster, often with exclusive tracks (like this one).

Collapsed Lung, "Jackpot Goalie"
April 1995
UK CD Deceptive Records Bluff 015


  • Interactive

Collapsed Lung was Jim Burke, Steve Harcourt, Anthony Chapman, and Jonny Dawe. Anthony Chapman now records as DJ Scissorkicks and the other three are in the band Junior Blanks.

The Wolfgang Press, "Queer"
August 5, 1991
UK CD 4AD CAD 1011


  • Birdie Song / Dreams and Light - [MP3]

This pair of linked songs was also compiled on their retrospective Everything Is Beautiful: 1983-1995, released in 2000 on 4AD.

Coil, "Love's Secret Domain"
August 1991 (reissue 2000)
UK CD Threshold House LOCI CD 17


  • Things Happen - [MP3]

Originally released by Torso in Europe and WaxTrax! in North America, both editions are long out of print.

Keith Leblanc, "Stranger Than Fiction"
CA CD/LP Nettwerk W2-30032


  • Count This

Keith Leblanc is a part of the On-U Soundsystem, Dub Syndicate, and has performed on numerous Annie releases.

Finitribe, "Noise, Lust & Fun"
UK CD/LP One Little Indian TPLP 21


  • Fluke - [MP3]

Formed in the early 1980s by Chris Connelly, David Miller, Philip Pinsky, Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor, and John Vick, by 1989 the group was down to a trio of David, Philip, and John.

"F/Ear This"
IT CS P.E.A.C.E. 4/5


  • It Was July - [MP3]

A compilation arranged by Marco Pandin, who now operates Stella Nera out of Italy. Features Cecilia Dobner on piano.

"Devastate to Liberate"
UK LP, Yangki 001
UK CS, United Dairies UDT25


  • Soweto Suntan - [MP3]

Originally released by David Tibet's Yangki label, later issued on cassette by Steven Stapleton's United Dairies label.

Gyllensköld, Geijerstam & Friends, "Live at Bar Maldoror"
UK LP Mi Mort 3


  • side b

Later included on the Nurse With Wound CD release of the same name, however, side B, where Annie can clearly be heard, is not included on the CD issue from 1991. Personnel listed (on both releases) are Steven Stapleton, Ruby Wallis, John Balance, Annie Anxiety, Chris Wallis, David Tibet, Diana Rogerson, Knori, and Tim o' the violin.

"Here We Go"
May 6, 1985
UK LP Sterile SR08


  • Gates of Freedom - [MP3] (Annie and the Asexuals)

A benefit album for the UK Miners' Strike.
Also appearing on the album are Bourbonese Qualk, Nocturnal Emissions, The Hafler Trio, and Lustmord.

Current 93, "Nature Unveiled"
1984 (CD issue 1992)
UK CD Durtro 009


  • The Mystical Body of Christ in the Chorazim (the Great in the Small) - [MP3]

Originally released in 1984 on LAYLAH.
Annie is listed as being a member of Current 93, however, her voice is only audible on the track listed.
At this time, she was also performing with Current 93 and Nurse With Wound, but her vocals are not audible on any official Nurse With Wound release.

Missing Brazilians, "Warzone"
February 20, 1984 (CD issue 1997)
UK LP/CD On-U Sound 0034


  • Gentle Killers - [MP3]

Recorded at the same time as Soul Possession, this was a one album project led by Adrian Sherwood (listed as The Prisoner).
Annie is mistakenly identified as Annia Anxiety.

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